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The Jim Pattison Group

The Jim Pattison Group is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada and is comprised of over 575 locations world wide focusing on the automotive, media, packaging, food sales and distribution, magazine distribution, entertainment, export and financial industries. With sales of over $9.6 Billion in 2017 and more than 42,000 employees, the Jim Pattison Group is the third largest privately held company in Canada.

The mandate of the Jim Pattison Group is total customer satisfaction and that goal continues to enable the individual divisions of the Jim Pattison Group to become leaders in their markets.


Jim Pattison Lease

Founded in 1961, Jim Pattison Lease specializes in designing unique fleet management and leasing solutions for commercial enterprises, the public sector and business professionals across Canada. Our "build to suit" philosophy and our personalized, single point of contact approach have allowed us to grow our portfolio to over 35,000 leased and managed vehicles.

For Jim Pattison Lease, "customer focus" is far more than an idea on a corporate values statement - it's the core of a value-added, partnership approach to business. Since 1961, we have structured and refined our approach to automotive leasing to reflect this commitment.